Thursday, March 28, 2013

April A to Z Characters

April is nearly here and that means it's almost time for the A to Z parade through my characters. I'm pleased to announce that I managed to pull 26 characters with names from A to Z from works both published and languishing on my hard drive without having to resort to a single discarded character.

Okay, that's not exaclty true, one was previously a Victim of the Knife, but he was placed back into a story long before this challenge was issued.

The entries will be short, but will hopefully give you insight to some of the stories that I've been working on and/or have published. They come from short stories and novels. Some are main characters, others are supporting characters or have small roles but I did try to stick with the bigger players when I could.

Things I discovered when pulling these posts together:

• I like characters with M and J names. There was a lot of competition on those two days.

• I was surprised to learn that I'd used every letter as the starting point for name over the course of the years. I guess only having two that I keep repeating isn't so bad given the amount of variation.

• I really hate not reading things not in manuscript format. Some of my earlier novels haven't yet made into the correct format. My eyes, they blur and burn.

• After skimming through Swan Queen, the novel I'm currently rewriting my way through, I'm reminded of how much I've missed those characters, and yet, how much time and effort that novel is going to need to make it work.

If you haven't signed up for the April A to Z Challenge yet, there's still time.


  1. A character for each letter of the alphabet? Well done! Of course, I had to check my character lists and reckon I've got about 2/3 covered. Looking forward to it.

    1. It was funny that when I was writing these posts and sweating about finding names with the more obscure letters, they were already there. Oh hey, awesome. It was some of the more common letters that really made me think and dig.

      I didn't realize I'd created so many characters until I'd started this challenge and had to sift through them all.

  2. Very cool theme idea! I'm impressed that you have so much variety with your character names. Many authors seem to stick with names that sort of overlap each other.

    Wendy is a great W name, by the way ;) LOL

    1. You know what? Wendy is a great name, and I happen to need one of those right now for my camp nano story. Thanks!


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