Sunday, October 31, 2010

The day before NaNo

Twas the day before NaNo and all through the house was much sticking and grumbling as I scittered about like a mouse. The Halloween party had left quite a mess and here and there guests had left parts of their dress.

Cups and bottles, returnables galore, I wasn't sure which chore I disliked more. With much sweeping, vaccuming and mopping ahead, I really just wanted to curl up and go back to bed. But there were decorations, seven totes of them, to put away before I could begin my novel the very next day.

With visions from our awesome regional kick off party engergizing me to write, I began to clean in hopes of finishing before night. The morning would bring the challenge to produce 1667 words and I knew more than half of them would resemble turds. But that's ok, that's what Nano's about, thinking up the story, writing it down, getting it out.

And now with much work ahead for the day, I must stop this horrible attept to rhyme and go on my way. Tomorrow we write!


  1. Can't wait for it to start too! I wonder if I will be able to write every day. I hope so!

  2. LOL!

    I don't see anything much wrong with the rhyming, Jean. I have to say the rhythm of the verses had a kind of zombie-like lurch to it that I thought was entirely appropriate for Halloween :D

    This brought a big smile to my face. Thanks!

  3. @Chrys - Best of luck to you!

    @Botanist - Good thing I'm not writing my NaNo novel in verse, isn't it? Glad I could give you a Halloween smile. :)

  4. Nice! Good luck with nano! Though I'm sure you don't need any. You are the multi-tasking machine.


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