Thursday, July 1, 2010

Remaining nameless

I sit here this morning, surveying my plethora of discarded characters, not wondering, as you might think, where one of them might be or what they are up to. No, I'm wondering which ones I can lure up to my desk to rip our their names.

Why this sudden need for names? Well, due to certain events, I find myself in the position where I must rename several main characters in order for my novel to proceed down the path of possible success.

Why does this suddenly sound like a board game? In its current state, my novel does not pass go or collect $200. It doesn't even get that piddly job where you get $12,000 every payday. (Where can I get that job in real life?) And please don’t let me land on that ‘you just bought a skunk farm’ space!

While I am rather attached to the current names of my characters, I also like the idea of passing go. The names that belong to these that are milling around on my floor amongst the crumbled papers and adverb crates aren't doing anything productive at the moment and I like them too. As a plus, these guys all came from the same novel so I don’t feel quite so much like I’m grabbing names from thin air.

You might imagine I’m sitting here, perusing my character stock with steepled fingers and pursed lips. You’d be right.

They’re going to notice me and get suspicious soon. If I don’t post on Friday, you’ll know this didn’t go well.

“Hey you.”

“I have a name, you know.”

Not for long…


  1. *gasp* Whose name are you changing? Did an agent tell you to change them? I'm so excited for you and the prospect of moving forward with the process. Give us more details!

  2. Quite a few names, unfortunately. Seems that while they are not the same names, they sound too similar to established names in the same genre.

    More details will follow if/when I have official news. :)

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  4. Ah! I was just doing some of this same thing this week. How interesting. (But I was taking them from past WIPs, not so orderly as you in the same WIP. :( )
    Can't wait to hear more about this!


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