Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh rats!

I've started a new story. The one I was percolating in the last post. This is a dysotopian-type story, set after a major earth-shattering catastrophy. Being new as this story is, I'm still feeling my way around it, seeing where it will go, before settling down and pounding it out.

As of last night, Marcus, the MC, is busy searching for food and fending off fellow raiders and rats. The prompt I'm working with allows for either sci-fi or fantasy. So, my question for you today is: Should I have fun and include the pov of the rats or keep this more serious and about the humans struggling for survival?

Cast your vote in the comments box.


  1. Is it a humorous story? I admit I am dying to see something from a rat's POV, but if it's meant to have a serious tone, then perhaps not. :-(

  2. The story could go either way. I'm trying to decide which way to go with this.

  3. I'd like to see the rats' POV. I love the idea.

    I find post-apocalyptic stories usually too darned depressing without s good dose of either hope or humour. But that's just my feeling.

  4. Let's see what the rats have to say. Who knows? Maybe they're hyper-intelligent!

  5. Sorry, Mac. Looks like the rats are winning. Time to do some research on rats. Would that be Ratsearch?


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