Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday update

I had planned a fun post for today, but instead decided to spend my creative efforts on a final nitpick edit run. Not that I finished the edits, but I did get several chapters done and since it's been a little while since my six hundred and twelth time reading this thing, I was enjoying myself. All right, maybe I exaggerate slightly, but I've read it a lot.

My fractured ankle is starting to bother me less. I'm officially off my crutches and down to hobbling in my walking cast. Which is nice because I'm falling woefully behind on my flowerbed cleanup project that I'd begun before misfortune caught up with me.

To further overload myself, I've picked right now as the time to paint and redecorate my living room. Why on earth would I do that now? Our tv blew up. Seriously. Tiny flames and several puffs of smoke and all. Which means a new tv is required to view few shows we do watch. Which means we have to get the newest tv, the kind that doesn't require our current mammoth entertainment center. Which means dismantling said mammoth entertainment center and finding new homes for the far too many knick knacks that it has become the home for over the past eleven years. And while this is all going away, what better time to paint than before the much smaller entertainment center and new tv arrive?

I'm also in the midst of rethinking a short story that needs revising before going back out into the world and coming up with better blurbs for all my work than I currently have so I can post it on my new page writing page here.

You know, if there ever came a point in life where I only had one project going on, I think I'd self-combust out of boredom.

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  1. LOL Gypsy! AND trying to come up with more witty things to write on your blog? Don't kill yourself for us.
    Man, if only you'd told me, I could've built an entertainment center for you. A friend and I did that last fall. He did more of the work, but I had fun and got experience. :D


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