Friday, May 7, 2010

Tagged: Seven awesome things

Thanks to Spammy, my planned post will have to take the back burner while I ponder the seven most 'really awesome' things I've read about in any book.

1.Dune's sand worms that create spice to make people live longer. Really Awesome. We just won't mention how they create it.

2. Again from Dune: The Bene Gesserit litany against fear.

3. And again: Weirding modules. When a word has real power, look out!

4. From the Taltos series: Morganti weapons - they don't just kill you, they kill your soul too.

5. From the same: assasssins that kill your body for money but if you have enough money and are found quick enough, you can be revived from the dead. Say it with me: I'm not dead yet!

6. Thieves' World: for introducing a M/M character relationship to their mix back when they were not so publically accepted or widely written about.

7. Bill the Galactic Hero: For just being silly and making me laugh. How can a solidier who literally has two right arms, be wrong?

And now what I've revealed my awesome things, I'm to tag four people. These lovely four people will then have to ponder seven things of my chosen topic: Seven most interesting ways a character has died in a novel you've written or read.

Bontanist - I know you have plenty of dead characters to work with

Marion Sipe - Here's a topic for you and your shiny new blog. :)

Penelope Barber - You've been quiet lately. Hopefully that means you're busy writing.

Owllady at Letter Go - Have you managed to work 'death by drumsticks' into a story yet?

Have fun.


  1. LOL! That sounds interesting! I will have to think about that and make a post later tonight!

  2. Thanks, Jean. Given the expectation you've set here, I now feel honour-bound to see if I can find all seven interesting deaths from my own writing. As you say, I have plenty to choose from...

    I'm sure I'll have as much fun with this as you evidently did. Dune had so many awesome things in it that you really were spoilt for choice. And I still recall chuckling over the bloater drive in Bill the Galactic Hero!

  3. I'd totally forgotten about bowb your buddy day in Bill the Galactic Hero. After mentioning it here, I pulled it off my shelf and am reading it again. It's still funny.

    I'd dearly love to read Dune again, but that means I have to read them all, and I just don't have time right now.

    I can't wait to see what the two of you come up with for your lists. :)


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