Thursday, February 18, 2010

My mojo is back!

My laptop arrived (again) this afternoon. This time, I plugged it in right away and was relieved to see that it is charging. It's now loaded with my latest updated files. I'm all comfy with my blankets. My type is no longer lagging between my keyboard and my monitor. Now, if it weren't for these two new mysterious pin prick spots on my monitor that appear to be in the screen itself as they wont wipe off no matter how hard I try... that are right in my line of sight as I type and are blatently apparent on a white screen... which I type on all the time...

But it works and I'm cozy and I should be writing. This sequel isn't going to write itself. Apparently. I've given it a couple days to try. No luck.

Guess its up to me.


  1. Yay for good as new laptops! Well...almost good as new. Sort of. :D

  2. I had to replace my first laptop this year. It was hard to get used to the other machine - but here I am, propped up on pillows (trusty pain meds at my side, just in case) with my laptop resting on my lapdesk, typing away. (G)


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