Monday, February 1, 2010

Lost: Mojo - if found please return...

My laptop, my writing baby, is out being serviced for power issues. I've been spoiled. Now I'm unable to get into the writing mode at my desk. Give me a soft bed or a couch. Make me warm and cozy! But no. I'm sitting in what used to be considered my comfortable chair, at my quiet keyboard with my nifty mouse and large monitor.

You know what? My chair isn't near as comfortable as the couch. My keyboard lags! How on earth did I never notice this before? Have I just become that much faster at typing? I don't think so. My mouse makes my hand cold. My monitor... okay, I like the bigger monitor. But the fans on my computer emit this high pitched hum that sits right on the edge of hearing. It's so distracting. How did I write like this, happily, blissfully, for years?

I have a first page to get ready for a contest. I worked on it on and off all morning. Tweaking a word here and there. Deleting this and adding that, all within the sacred 250 word limit. I've stared at it so much, I don't know if its complete dren or if it works.

Laptop, return to me! I need my writing mojo back!


  1. Jean, I know exactly how you feel! As I type this, I am slouched on my bed typing on my laptop. I shudder to think of mine going out. I hope yours gets fixed soon. :)

  2. Now, I was considering buying a laptop before I read this...Think I'll stick with my ol' PC now.

  3. I got notice last night that the laptop has been received at the service center. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery and even speedier delivery!

    Come to the dark side, Scott, it's cozy and portable here.

  4. I'm the opposite, I can barely get anything done on my laptop. The huge desktop sitting in it's hulking cabinet locked in the study is my refuge. I sit down and let the whine of the fans block out the dogs playing. The desk is littered with reference books and sketches of characters, so I am not lured away by movies, chores, or cookies left languishing on the counter.

    My computer chair is a cast off from the dining room set, but it keeps me from hitting the ground and is high enough up that I can see. That's what counts.

  5. Zomg! I know just what you're saying, Jean. I used to use write on a PC all the time, and I hated using a laptop. Now I use a laptop faaaar more often and everything looks different on a PC. Bigger...and stranger. I do like the springy quality of the keys on an independent keyboard, but I can type so much faster no on a laptop's keyboard.
    However, most of the time I do use the laptop at a desk. I'm not too great at writing while laying down.

  6. I feel for you Jean. For over a year, I've been all laptop all the time. It goes where I go. If I must do something at the desktop,(my desktop pc has better graphic resources & runs the machines) I clear a space next to it to put my laptop. I do usually work at the desk. It's nice to be able to go to the couch or patio when I need a change.

  7. I found my mojo but used it up at my "day" job. For the last few days, my get up and go has got up and left.

  8. I just got confirmation that my laptop is on its way back to me! Here's to hoping they didn't have to wipe the harddrive so everything will be ready to go out of the box.

    I work on a desktop computer all day, several of them actually, so I love the change of pace of my laptop for writing - where I can slink off outside, go to the park, or curl up all warm in bed. There also no games on my laptop so other than the internet, there are no distractions.

    If I find your get up and go, Stuart, I'll send it back to you. :)


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