Wednesday, July 3, 2024

How Do You Write? July IWSG

June was busy. July will also be busy. August will be insane and then things get better. September through January are my writing months. I'm looking forward to those months. Nice sedate, quieter months.

Not that the busy months are all bad. During those months, book sales at all these events pay for my groceries, my house cleaning, a little extra income so I can have fun now and then, and they also have been subsidizing my major garden project. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a book so far this year. I enjoy eating.

Laya and I were included in a local news article about the Lakeshore Art Festival.

I'm wrapping up the artwork for Laya's Vacation and am aiming for an August release. When in August is yet to be determined. Am I running behind? Yep. Am I stressing about it? Eh, what can you do?

Critiques on I9 continue to bode well. Now I just have to continue writing it. Is it September yet?

If you're not familiar with 
and find links to all the other 
participating writers.

This month's IWSG question asks: What is your favorite writing software/tools/apps? My favorite is good old Word. Yep. I don't need bells or whistles. Let me count the ways I love thee:

I know Word. 

My fingers know Word. 

It does what I need it to do: sit there quietly while I put words on a page. 

It autosaves for me. 

It keeps all my current stuff projects in the 'recent' folder so they are easy to find. 

I don't get distracted from writing on an internet hunt to figure out how to use some feature of it. 

Both Grammarly and Pro-Writing aid have a plug in for it. 

The .doc format easily imports into InDesign when I'm ready to format. 

Everyone accepts a .doc or .pdf from Word for submissions and critique. 

The newer version has a built in narrator that makes read aloud edits super easy. 

If you set up your document correctly, Word event makes jumping around between chapters super easy with it's side bar menus.

Are there plenty of other options? Sure. But Word is what works for me. 


  1. Word works for me too. I have the upgraded Grammarly through work. Good luck on your book release.

  2. Thank you! I need all the luck I can get. ;)

  3. Word works for me!
    Glad those events are putting money in your pocket.

  4. Hi Jean - I think most of us use Word - but you're obviously using it in ways that make the most of things for you. Enjoy those events and summer time in general - cheers and oh yes please eat! Cheers Hilary


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