Tuesday, October 3, 2023

October is for Getting Book Stuff Done!

September was a relaxing month as far as previous months go. I found time to sleep, edit, and format Tears of the Tyrant. I finished Frayed. Yes, really. Finally. And also started edits on Frayed. Woohoo!

I did a craft show with an author friend last weekend. It didn't go near as well as it did the year before for us. The organizer is doing too many similar shows at the same venue, which appears to tapping out the buying audience. That one is crossed off my list for next year, but we had a good time and met readers. 

October is for cramming in as much as possible before writing month takes over. I have one event this weekend, a new to me outdoor Halloween show. We'll see how it goes. Crossing my fingers for nice weather. 

What's on the to-do list for October?

• Getting Tears of the Tyrant ready for release on Nov. 1

• Getting as much wrapped up on edits of Frayed as possible

• Finalizing my plan of attack for NaNoWriMo year 17

• Applying for events for 2024 as applications go live

• Seeing if I can sneak in time to work on Interface (YA sci-fi)

• Getting panels written/finalized for Grand Rapids Comic Con

If you're not familiar with 
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participating writers.

This month's Insecure Writer's Support Group question is about generative AI uses in writing. Will it assist or replace writers? 

I'm not a fan of AI for writing or artwork. Is it useful? I'm sure it is. Will I be jumping onboard at this time? No. Paranoid me has seen this movie. I've read variations of this book. I will not be assisting in training our AI overlords. No thank you. #TeamHuman.

Seriously though, yes, it's a tool. I'm sure it has it's uses. At the moment, my muses are chatting it up so I don't feel the need to ask AI for ideas or sketch out scenes or plots. I've got this.

Have I toyed with AI for cover concepts, sure. But in the end, I went an entirely different direction. I've avoided purchasing AI generated art elements for my covers from my stock art source.

Will I change my mind later? Possibly. But today is not that day. Oh, and in case they're watching, all hail our supreme and benevolent overlords.


  1. That's how I feel. Did no one watch The Terminator?
    Sorry the event wasn't as good.

    1. Exactly! Next thing you know we'll be cloning dinosaurs (because no one learned from those movies either) and the dinos and robots will be duking it out for world domination.

  2. Yes, AI is a tool for certain tasks. I'm sorry your craft show didn't go as well as you hoped. I'm glad you slowed down a bit in September. You always have so much going on.

  3. Anonymously Esther East of the Sun,
    Tool, definitely, with many great uses - including medical data, scans etc - was my first real job.
    My IT department says part of his job is teaching computers, nothing to be scared of, machines need humans to teach them, can't feel, think, understand grief or joy. Sometimes, though, I wonder if my favourite geek and his brother are from the next stage of evolution. Benevolent overlords ? Maybe . /benevolent overlords. .

  4. My husband and I make the same joke about our benevolent overlords when our son asks us why we thank Alexa Lol. I dabble quite a bit with AI in my day job and I think that it is a fantastic tool that will only be as good as the person operating it. I think much like the fears that other technologies would steal jobs, we've found that instead they create new jobs and the humans who upskill for those jobs will be in high demand. There will always be a need for humans trained in story telling. The fear that it will take our work is as unfounded as the fear that the camera would wipe out the need for artists.


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