Thursday, June 11, 2020

Dreams of Stars and Lies Preorder

A collection of five short stories, including Sipper:    

Poverty has shaped Tia’s life since childhood, labeling her a roach. A day without hunger pains or despising looks is pure fantasy until she accepts a job offer to explore a wondrous deserted city on a distant world. All she can think about is the life-altering payout she’ll receive in six months. 
A hundred roaches are set free in the city of crystal spires. Their mission: To learn what they can about the previous occupants and to verify that the place is habitable for the host of wealthy future occupants waiting in orbit. 
Well-provisioned, Tia and her fellow roaches scatter to explore the dunes and spires. Then people start to disappear. Are they being picked off to lessen the payout or is there a killer among them?  

All the credits in the world won’t change anything if she’s dead.

Dreams of Stars and Lies is now available for preorder in ebook format for $1.99. Print books are coming soon for $9.99 via Amazon

Release date is June 30.

Pre-orders are currently available on Amazon and Smashwords

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