Wednesday, July 3, 2019

IWSG: July and a Busy Summer

I hope your summer is going well. It only just arrived in West Michigan. We've had a long dark winter followed by a cold, dark and very wet spring. To see this mystical orb of warmth is a very welcome thing. I'm not even complaining about the heat or humidity...yet.

The garden has been enjoying all the rain, though all the flowers are about two weeks behind thanks to the lack of sun and cool temps.

This year has been very EVENT-full. (and this concludes my puns for the day). Unfortunately, many of them have been outside and as you've gathered by now, the weather hasn't been very cooperative. This weekend is one of my major events, the Lakeshore Art Festival in Muskegon, MI. We'll have twenty Michigan authors in two giant tents. If you're anywhere near the area, stop by and check out over 350 fine art and craft booths along with artisan food, interactive art, and children's activities. July 5 & 6 from 10-6.

If you're wondering where I'll be the rest of the year, check out the long list of locations over there --->

And now onward to this months' Insecure Writer's Support Group question:
If you're not familiar with 
What personal traits have you written into your character(s)?

Focusing on The Narvan, as those characters have been with my the longest, meaning we've rubbed off on one another quite a lot...

Anastassia shares my love of red wine
Vayen vents with F-bombs
Both of them drink (though more heavily than I do these days)
Anastassia tends to take over everything she touches
Vayen is always looking for ways to improve productivity
Vayen hates club music
Fa'yet likes to work alone
All of them prefer to avoid the spotlight
My wardrobe and Anastassia's are both heavy on the grey and black
Like both Anastassia and Vayen, I prefer to be in charge

and the list could go on, but you have other blogs to get to today so we'll end here. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Gorgeous flower pictures. I do miss having a garden. Great list of traits that you share with your characters. I'm fond of red wine myself :)

    Cheers - Ellen

    1. Thanks! I miss my old gardens but this one is much more manageable and just as pretty.

  2. What beautiful blossoms! I avoided the prompts this time, because I like keeping my real and fictional realms separate! :)

    1. Typically I do too, but I've been with these characters (in various incarnations) for thirty years, so we've got a lot in common. ;)

  3. The sun is a most welcome addtion these last few weeks in Northern Ontario as well! Love your pics!
    I love your analysis of the traits - I may have more of me in my characters than I thought!

  4. Your flowers are gorgeous. I'm glad summer is finally here (though I don't like the heat & humidity). I'm looking forward to the Lakeshore Art Festival this weekend, too. Our characters may start out a bit like us, then they take over and show us who's boss. lol

    1. Thanks! Yes, characters do have a way of finding their own personality no matter what we might have intended when we first created them.

  5. Do you mean they are all introverts? Ha ha!

  6. You have a packed schedule! That list looks exhausting, but it's good you're getting out there. Glad summer arrived. The flowers look good to me.

    1. I like to stay busy. Keeps me out of trouble ;) It does look like a lot, but I look forward to the weekends where I get to hang out with author friends and meet readers. It's been a lot of fun so far.


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