Tuesday, January 30, 2018

January updates on the resolutions and writing

January has been a flurry of activity toward my one word goal for the year: Speak. First up, a fun interview at The Contents Page where I discuss noisy chickens, my writing process, and Sahmara.

With book 4 of The Narvan wrapped up and in incubation, I'm preparing (by which I mean procrastinating until the last minute) to dive into a rewrite of Not Another Bards Tale this February. I've joined a 30,000 words in 30 days writing challenge. You might be saying, "but wait, February isn't the month for that, being only 28 days and all." True enough, but what's another 100 words a day? Stay tuned for updates on the 30in30 challenge.

My 2018 author event calendar is filling and plans are fleshing out for the two events I'm organizing this summer.
March 10 - Herrick Library MiFi Writers - Holland, MI
May 4-6 - Penguicon - Detroit, MI
June 9 - Fandom Fest - Benton Harbor, MI
July 6&7 - Michigan Authors at the Lakeshore - Muskegon, MI - Tentative
July 15 - Detroit BookFest - Tentative
August 4 - Michigan Authors at the Lakeshore - Holland, MI
September 9 - Kerrytown Bookfest - Tentative

After a meeting with the publisher of A Broken Race, I'm regaining the rights to that book and will be publishing a second edition with additional content in the coming months. The Narvan contract is still up in the air as of this moment as they are restructuring/refocusing and have offered options. Updates to follow.

That meeting also spawned the idea to gather all my previously published short stories into an anthology. The print rights on all of those have returned to me so now its just a matter of sitting down and making that happen...in my free time.

How are you doing with your resolutions?


  1. I never make resolutions because I know I will forget what they are, let alone not go through with them. I did however, plan to work more on my diary novel and did so last weekend. I saw a publishing contest at Blydyn Square Books, and everyone at work has encouraged me to enter my memoir. Details here:

  2. Hi Jean - well done ... you're always busy ... but as you say in your interview - you can't sit still. Love the idea of the writing chair - makes so much sense and obviously inspires you. Good luck for 2018 ...cheers Hilary

  3. Goodness, it sounds like you're busy. I don't really make resolutions, but I'm trying to make each day as productive as I can be, while still enjoying it. Not easy, and I'm not sure how well I'm succeeding, but it gives me a goal...which is something, right?

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