Sunday, June 4, 2017

Editing the weekend away

In the season of graduation open houses, I'm spending my weekend doing the final edits on The Last God. It's been through readers. It's been through my eyeballs. Now it's in my ears.

And it's depressing how much the eyeballs miss.

To cope with this tiresome job, I call upon chocolate.

The best part about graduation open house season though I don't have to cook very much. Lunch has been provided for the past two days and dinner is on the menu for tomorrow. Which is good because the listening method of editing is slower than the reading one. This probably has something to do with why it picks up so many more things that my eyeballs do.

I like to make notes in ink and highlight the area where the change is. Overlooking ink is easy. The orange makes it stand out more. Red ink would also work, but it feels so negative.
Listening has helped pick up on word echos, odd phrasing, extra words, missing words, wrong words, and detail changes I missed making on the last eyeball round.

The cover is done. The blurb is done. Very soon edits will be done and then its on to formatting fun and ordering print copies.

Watch for The Last God on the 19th in e-book and print!

(Wow. My lighting is not that orange, I swear. Dim lights and phone cameras don't mix.)


  1. I did a lot of editing myself this weekend and still have more to go.

    1. Good luck with yours! Mine is finally almost done. :)

  2. Hi Jean - sounds like it is going forward and that's the most important thing -and chocolate to hand helps ... glad the meals are being sorted too. Good luck towards the line .. cheers Hilary

  3. Awesome. I also ask early reviewers to watch for typos. They're pretty awesome about that, since they get ARC copies, which frequently have typos.

    1. Typos are trixy little buggers. I swear they hide until you hit the 'publish' button.

  4. Our eyes miss things because our brains are sense-making machines and tend to interpret what they expect to see. Your audio method is a super-smart way to outwit this. Wishing you perseverance and growing excitement for the new release!

    BTW, I've nominated you for an award at my blog. It will provide you with an easy blog post while you're in the final stages of production. :-)


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