Thursday, March 9, 2017

Blogging A to Z 2017

April is coming up quick. I've been busy with editing and a bunch of author events in the next couple months. I've had such a good time doing short stories with you for the past couple years and had planned to do that again. occurred to me this morning that I'm going to be super busy with those two things I mentioned.

The short story route takes a lot of time beyond all the visiting and commenting on other blogs. So I'm changing things up this year. What will that be? Tune in on the 20th for the annual theme reveal.

Would you like to join the A to Z fun? Get all the details here.

While we wait for that, stop over to check out the latest Author's Answer. This month we're voicing our opinions on popular advise for authors. This week's question: Should authors write every day?


  1. Hi Jean - looking forward to your idea for your A-Z ... and I'm sure authors want to write everyday ... and probably do, if not jotting notes down ... cheers Hilary

  2. I went over to the A to Z blog and couldn't find a sign-up link. That's weird. I'll have to check back.

  3. They aren't doing the link list this year. Instead, there is a Facebook group, twitter, and including our links in comments on those.


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