Wednesday, February 8, 2017

To Be Published: Chetric The Grand

I've been remiss in my short story writing of late. Not to mention the editing and submitting of those I've already written. Since November, I seem to be in full novel mode. Not that this is a bad thing. In fact, it's been quite productive. The Last God has breeched 70K, and I know the least generally. Yay pantsers!

Back in November, I took a NaNoWriMo day to write a short story for a local small press's contest prompt. While I didn't win, that story is slated to be included in their upcoming anthology.

It was a challenge to work all of the prompt into the story, but fun, nevertheless. Chet wakes up to find himself inside a video game. All he has is backpack, as sword, and a note that says "Beat me and I'll send you home." More news on Chetric the Grand when I get a publication date.

Sadly, other than one other short out in submission land, my odds of additional publication notices are slim to none at the moment. Which means I should get back to this finishing this novel while I await edits on Trust so I can get back to short stories before April A to Z hits and drags me there whether I'm ready or not.

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  1. Congrats on getting into the anthology! Just the name "Chetric the Grand" raises a smile for me - I picture him as a plucky adventurer with ideas above his station, could be off with that, but the premise sounds like fun. Yes, my plan is also to finish my WIP before the end of February and then spend some or all of March writing posts for A-Z (which I plan to relate to my upcoming series, so should be a useful exercise). Good luck on your progress!


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