Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Eye Report

It's been another productive couple weeks so time again for anther update on what my eyes have been up to.

I've finally settled on working title for Book 3 of The Narvan: Bound In Blue. That project has been zipping along and is now up to 55K. Only 35K more and then the editing fun begins. Really though, I like the editing stage. I'm looking forward to cleaning this up and making it presentable.

After attending my first meeting with the local writing group, I meet up with Lindsey Winsemius who was just getting ready to release her second novel, Patrician. Which meant I had to catch up on the first novel to appreciate the second one. I made it through Reaper in a day and half, because work. If you're looking for a dystopian fix with some sweet romance, check out her books.

In TV land, we discovered Dark Matter. Okay, so we didn't discover it, that would be bad, but we did find the show and watched the entire season. I love Netflix for enabling my binge tendencies. If you're still mourning the loss of Firefly, this sci-fi show about good bad...maybe bad...trying to be good...violently bad guys (and gals) in a spaceship may just fill the whole in your heart.

Last night we finished the season of Jessica Jones. I did enjoy this show, but there so were so many moments throughout the last few episodes where we both yelled at the television," just kill him already", that it made the end of the season feel more like a relief than resolution.

And now to enjoy some writing time while everyone else is preparing for sportball frenzy.


  1. Editing? Fun? Sorry, but I just don't see those two words co-existing in the same sentence :) But then my writing process is very different from yours. I envy the way you can blitz through a first draft in such short order.

    1. I just let the first draft happen, knowing that I'll have to sculpt it into shape during edits. Takes the pressure off. :)

  2. Hi Jean - good luck with all the things writerly you've got going on ... you are moving forward - good luck during February .. cheers Hilary


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