Friday, November 27, 2015

I Feel Like A Winner

A day earlier than I've ever "won" before, I hit 50K last night on my NaNoWriMo projects! Hooray!

Yes, there were two. My bad. In my defense, I didn't drop one project and leap to the next, I juggled both. Interface is sitting over 48K (the beginning 11K of which was from 2010 and didn't count), and Trust 3 is at 14K. For the most part,  I plugged away at Interface so my daughter wouldn't keep glaring at me for working on Trust 3. When she wasn't around, I wrote whichever was speaking to me at the time. I'm happy with how both projects are coming along.

Not only did I finish a day earlier than my nine previous efforts, I didn't feel like I spent every available moment having to write and stressing about it. It was great to enjoy writing again and not feel like it was an overwhelming task that loomed over me all month. While both stories are very rough, I wasn't slogging through vast swaths of suck that were never going to amount to something I could work with, which has happened twice. It was great to see that I could return to writing novels again at long last! Not focusing on shorts, and not editing novels I'd written in the past, but birthing new novels. That I enjoyed working on. I was really beginning to wonder if I'd ever get back to this point so this is especially rewarding.

This week, I even took a night and morning off and read a book. During NaNo. Yes, the whole book, because that's what I do. I slept in that twelve hours span too. Okay, I slept a little, mostly I read. Because I could. And it felt great!

What made the difference this year? In order:
Not building a house - had time to think coherent thoughts that were not house building related.
Having help at work - far less stress when I'm not days behind with work
Kids are mostly self sufficient - one is driving so only half the usual mom taxi duty for me
Fallout 4 - thank you video game makers who release games during November that keep my husband occupied.

So what's next? In no particular order:
Finish Interface
Finish Trust 3
Finish editing Sahmara

While I'm working on those three things, I'm also bouncing around on blogs. You can find me here:
Scattergun Scribblings - Nick Wilford was gracious enough to allow me over to chat about A Broken Race.

ElizaGalesInterviews - Where I answer interesting questions like which author should survive a virus that wipes the rest of us out.

Authors Answer - Where we share our other creative pursuits beyond writing.

Lectito - Week three check in for five NaNoWriMo participants.


  1. Congratulations and Happy Writing and Life!

  2. Hi Jean - I guess you definitely have much more time this year. So pleased you succeeded with the projects ... congratulations - Hilary

  3. Congrats! Great result. Glad writing is feeling fun again.


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