Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Newly Released: A Broken Race

I'm happy to announce that A Broken Race has finally completed my half of its journey and now is waiting to continue on with you.

Available in ebook or paperback, you can order your copy today.

The fortress is home to the last remnants of civilization. The few remaining women live in a vault far below the gardens, while the men stand watch and maintain the walls that protect them all. A virus from long ago, and generations of inbreeding since, has left average men severely outnumbered by Simples. Humanity, as it once was, is broken.

Outside those walls live the Wildmen—starving, poor and desperate for the treasures of the fortress. Seeking women to once again fill their own ranks with healthy children, and something other than rats to fill their stomachs, the Wildmen launch one
last raid.

One-fifty-two is a Simple man. The raid disrupts his calm and orderly world with smoke and fear, the need for the comfort of his mother and the promises of a lone Wildman captive. With his eyes open to the secrets behind the order he had always known, One-fifty-two must find the courage to stop being a cog and take hold of the wheel—or the fortress may be the end of them all.


  1. Hi Jean - good luck with it - the story line is interesting .. and One Fifty-Two has his work cut out ... congratulations on its release - cheers Hilary


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