Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I'm watching

With life as busy as it has been the past year and some, time together as a couple has pretty much become spending the last waking hour or so each night watching television on the same couch. When we break this cycle, the dogs become angry. We don't want to anger the dogs, who love this quiet snuggle time. And, you know, as a couple, we appreciate quiet snuggle time too.

I'd intended to keep better track of what was before my eyes over the past several months, but I'm just going to come out and admit that I didn't. Why? After a long busy day, I'm busy trying to stay awake to watch the end of whatever we started when I was wide awake.

We'll go down the list until my memory gives out.

Game of Thrones: I'm up to date on this series, and while it still makes me blurt out, "Hey, that wasn't like that in the book!" on occasion, I do appreciate that even though I've read the books, I don't exactly know what's going to happen next, or at the very least, the details of how it's going to get from one important point to the next. This whole season has been my favorite since the red wedding episode. This is a series I have no problem staying awake though each episode.

Wayward Pines: We're having a great time trying to guess what the hell is going on. Speculating has become an off the couch, wandering throughout our day, tossing out theories kind of sport. There's generally enough going on with this show to keep me awake.

Arrested Development Season 5: After binge-watching the first four seasons, we awaited the fifth with anticipation. Then were too busy to watch it. We started to watch it recently, and I honestly haven't stayed awake for a single half hour episode. I can't tell you what happened. I can't even remember enough to guess. However, if I ever have a night of insomnia, I know the cure.

Last Man on Earth: The show started off as amusing, but now that the season has ended, the novelty has worn off.

Quick Draw: If you loved Brisco County Jr (as I do), this show is probably for you. There are some terrific one-liners and the humor is quite adult. So far nothing has topped the episode that made laugh until I cried as the town dealt with the death of Honey's cousin aunt.

Bosch: The first episode of this gritty cop detective series nearly lost me due to the cliches and stiff acting, but it got better and the season ended on a satisfying note so I'll be watching for the next one.

Mad Men: The series wrapped up fairly well. I can't say that I was disappointed nor did I expect detailed happily ever afters or where are they nows from a show that spend the last few seasons with all of it's characters in the chaos of their self-made craptastic lives. I was left fulfilled, which is more than I can say for most series endings.

Walking Dead: I stay awake for survivors outliving zombies and the living who are far worse threats than the dead. I didn't know what to make of this past season at first, but it ended with a satisfied smile.

Jurassic Park: When we heard there was going to be a new movie, we resurrected the first one and made our kids watch it too. Family time! It was just as good as I remembered it.

Jurassic Park 2: Mostly as I remembered it, but the plot seemed much thinner now that the novelty of 'OMG there are dinosaurs!' has worn off.

Jurassic Park 3: I didn't know this existed until we heard there was a forth on the way and looked up the old movies. In summary: People are idiots. Oh, and Pterodactyls!

Project Almanac: Time travel. High school kids. Interesting idea, but meh.

What We Do in the Shadows: I had high hopes. I loved Flight of the Conchords, and for the most part, I like vampires (as long as they don't sparkle). Alas, my love with this vampire mockumentary movie was not meant to be.

Ex Machina: AIs, a very weird programming genius living off the grid and the nerdy guy who thinks he knows what was best. Though it dragged a little in the middle, the end was worth it.

The Maze Runner: Boys with amnesia who are stuck in the middle of a giant ominous maze. They run through it. In the end, they find the way out and there are people who pick them up and take them somewhere. Yep, that's it. Tune in to the next movie to find out why, and if these people are good or bad. Maybe. But probably not until the end of the trilogy. I wouldn't watch the next one. This ending pissed me off.

John Wick: If you wished The Matrix had dropped the plot entirely and was a movie about Keanu Reeves playing a guy who kills people left and right with guns and his fists, your wish has been granted. Me, I'll go for something with a plot, thanks.

Interstellar: Despite staring Matthew McConaughey, which just didn't work for me in a science fiction movie, I quite enjoyed this one. The earth is kicking the human's off by destroying their means of growing food. Who and how many can be saved and where do they go?

Welcome To Me: Would you like to take a nap? Do you have laundry to fold or toilet to clean? You should do that rather than watching this movie unless you are utterly exhausted to a point you can not get off the couch (in which case, that nap is still the better option).

Big Hero 6: Cute and tolerable for a movie aimed at kids. Our teens enjoyed it.

Chappie: Holy Expletive! While I have no issue with the occasional use of profanity, the language in this movie was grating. Robots, AIs, rubber chickens, cops and lots of bullets fired. Entertaining, but would have been much better with less carpet F-bombing.

Outlander: I kept seeing this show all over Facebook, usually accompanied by giddy squeals of delight. The series had good ratings so we figured we better check it out. Portal time travel romance with a highlander? Sign me up. I was not disappointed. This shows was watching a romance novel as it should be done. The season even ended on a satisfying (albeit, predicable if you've read a handful of romance novels) note. I'll be watching for the next season.

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