Friday, May 1, 2015

A to Z in review

Another year of April A to Z has come and gone. I'm happy to report that I'm still as sane as I was when the month began. Take that for what you will.

First off, I'd like to thank devoted word donors, Nick, David and Hillary. You left me lots of challenges to work with, and I appreciate the time you took to pop over from your own busy blogs to do so.

I'd also like to thank every one of you who dropped by throughout the month with word donations. Having such an array of words to work from each day made this challenge fun, even on my long and hectic days and inevitable Sunday catch up sessions.

Some days yielded a paragraph or two, others grew longer as I traveled where your words took me. Three of my favorites this month were:

D - became a short I titled Water.
R - was a popular post (according to visits) about roses
M - made me laugh, and I always enjoy when I can make myself laugh. It was a silly, exhausted laughter, but it still counts. Enjoy the many multiple M words in the Muffin Loving Moose

If you donated words, I have added each day's story start to the bottom of the post for that day. Please drop in and enjoy. Sometimes a story took a direction where that wasn't possible, but I did try to use them all when I could.

So what's next? Usually, I'd be jumping into A Story a Day In May, but I'm waiting on edits for A Broken Race, which should be in mid-month, and I have a short and a novella I'm in the middle of so I'm set on projects for the moment. And then, of course, there's all those story starts from April if, by some miracle, I happen to have some spare time and need something to work on.

Now that April is over, what will you be working on?


  1. Hi Jean - loved your stories .. just been back and read a few - they were fun and a great idea. I've only just twigged that that letter's post you added afterwards! Dumb me?! I guess the hustle and bustle of the A-Z got me not paying attention ... but I loved your idea - and now I know .... cheers Hilary

    1. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed them. Thanks for taking the time to stop back and read a few. :)

  2. Great stories! This was such a good idea. I didn't find you during the challenge but I am here today on the A to Z Road Trip!


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