Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Slowly working on that resolution

It's just one word: WRITE. You'd think it would be easy. Well, no. I think next year the one word resolution needs to be TIME. Even so, I'm happy to report that I've made time to get two shorts from my 'in progress' file edited and out into submissions along with returning a few rejections back into the playing field. One novel is still out there, the other is waiting for either time to self publish or other submitting options to open up.

The house is coming along. Flooring is almost all in, just waiting on a small bit of carpeting. We opted out of carpet for the most part. Countertops are coming next week. A little painting to do yet. Mostly it's all just little finishing stuff and waiting for the last couple subcontractors to wrap up their work so we can get inspections. The end is near, thank goodness.

And in an attempt to not be as far behind with blog posts: This week on Author's Answer, we discussed what genres we don't like to read.

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!

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