Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Waiting

Insert house here. If only it were that easy.
Sounds like a gripping suspense novel, doesn't it? Sadly, it's my life right now. Waiting to receive any good news on submissions. Waiting for what was more likely going to be rejections on submissions. Waiting to get elevations on our house plans from the architect. Waiting to get quotes to see if this house is even feasible with our budget
...after we finally get the elevations.

I got sick of waiting over the weekend and spent most of it over at the property, clearing out stumps and dead shrubs. This involved a lot of walking back and forth from the wood pile to where I was working, using the claw end of a hammer as a pick axe and lots of swinging of the machete. Now I'm waiting for my muscles to stop aching and the itch to stop from the poison ivy I encountered.

While I'm doing all this waiting, I decided last night, at around 9pm, to do some book page folding. It's a new crafty thing for me. There are boxes of books in my garage that the resale shop didn't want. They're just waiting for me to having another garage sale before eventually becoming a charitable donation.

Now I'm waiting for this work day to be over so I can get back to some folding fun.

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