Saturday, June 15, 2013

This is the end

After my last post, I got curious about how I really do end my short stories. Killing people comes to mind, but is that true? How do I actually end my stories? Let me count the ways:

May story 1: sad
May story 2: happy
May story 3: killed MC
May story 4: happy
May story 5: killed MC
May story 6: killed MC
May story 7: killed MC

Hmmm, *wipes fictional blood from hands* let's try my published short stories. (in no particular order)

Story 1: killed MC
Story 2: killed MC
Story 3: killed MC
Story 4: happy

Darn. Umm. Let's not go into the attic okay? And those fresh dirt piles in the yard? Gardening. I swear. So, how does this compare to novels? (in no particular order)

Novel 1: happy
Novel 2: happy
Novel 3: killed MC
Novel 4: happy
Novel 5: happy
Novel 6: happy

Whew. That's not so bad.

And, my dear characters, what did we learn here?
1. You want to be in a novel rather than a short.
2. If I don't kill you, the odds of living happily ever after are pretty damn good.


  1. LOL! Don't think I've killed an MC yet, but there's usually a whole heap of collateral damage along the way :)

  2. you do seem to be err um hell bent on killing MC :)

    1. Not that all death is a bad thing. Sometimes, that still means a happy ending. If that makes sense. :)

  3. Killing the MC seems perfectly reasonable. Just make sure he gets some nookie before the end, kinda like Terminator.


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