Monday, May 27, 2013

Writing Hard(ly) in May pt 5

Day 23: Using the idea I got over the weeked, I was off to a good start first thing in the morning. Then, 450 words in, I realized that my awesome idea wouldn't work in the pov of the person undergoing the physical change I'd implimented. It's hard to be the pov character when you're unconscious for a couple weeks while the interesting stuff is happening. So I had the idea to switch the pov to a new character observing the change. Just over 660 words in I was staring at a page of "meh". The light had gone out. Story fail.

Day 24: I still like the seed I had started with yesterday but it needs a new pot to grow in. Using a secondary prompt, I'm giving it a second go. Blarg 200 words in and this isn't working either.

Day 25: Gave up on the not-so-awesome idea. Tried something completely different. That didn't work either.

I think I've reached the point in the month were my brain is too focused everything else I have going on. When I sit down to write, I play out the story in my head enough to find out that: a) there's not enough conflict b) there's no spark of life in it, or c) nothing really interesting is happening. At any of those points, my fingers freeze on the keys and I realize I'm wasting my time that I don't really have to write as it is and I should just stop for the day so I can get done what I really need to get done.

Not that I'm giving up entirely, but unless something really grabs me, I'm going to focus on getting done what needs to be done so I don't have to be up working until 10pm.

I've ended up with what I think are a handful of fairly good stories and two full revisions that will allow me to get a couple more submissions into my juggling act soon. Yay for that!


  1. Yeah, it's hard to write when there's too much other stuff you feel you should be doing instead :( Especially when good ideas seem to wither on the page.

    Your unconscious POV character - wouldn't be anything like being under anesthetic for an operation, would it? What if he was supposed to be under, but was actually (and rather horribly) aware the whole time?

    1. Hmm, that would be an interesting angle. I might have to play with that. They are undergoing major changes within their body, a sort of metamorphasis. It's one of those I can picture it all but I'm not sure how to get that all into the story because the POV character can't see it, and an outside character can't feel it. I do like your suggestion though. Thanks for getting the wheels turning again.


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