Monday, February 18, 2013

The percolator strikes again

There are times when we need to step back from our novels to give them time to lose their shiny luster of newly written awesome so we then see them more objectively and fix them. Sometimes that means weeks or months or years.

After completing a novel critique last week and pondering my overall plot comments, something clicked in my percolator and *poof* I knew how to fix one of my old novels. I love when this happens. I wish it would happen more often. I'd have a lot more done writing-wise. But it would seem my percolator can only do so much, so often.

I brushed the virtual dust off my 2007 NaNo novel yesterday. New notes were created as I reacquainted myself with the characters and their plotlines. A new chapter one is in progress.

While the novel went over well with crit buddies, I'd worked myself into a pantser corner around chapter 22. The princess needed to marry someone. Her aunt was roaming the countryside building up support for the princess. Her uncle (from the other side of the family) was gleefully sitting on her throne and putting the final touches on the wedding of his faux son to the faux princess. The man the real princess needed to lead her army was stuck in a distant country. Any of the men she could marry to gain hold of additional forces sucked.

The pieces were all there. And there they sat. Staring at me. Glaring. Waiting impatiently for me to make the story work.

Funny how writing notes on how to better pull the plot together for someone else, triggered an epiphany for my old novel, but hey, I'm not going to ponder this miracle too deeply. I need that thought power to fix this story.

There's the obvious character modification, then some plot holes to patch up and about 15,000 words to add to bring the story to it's conclusion. Let's just hope I can get this done before April, when I hope to launch myself into a new project that hit me the other day.

Guess that means I better get writing.


  1. Hmm, faux son and faux princess sounds like fun. Do they have faux sex? 2007's a long time ago.

  2. You know, they might have faux sex. I left off just before they got faux married, so its a definite possiblity.

    It is a long time ago writing-wise. It feels good to dive back into a big project though and the rewrites have been total do-overs so far, so it's more of reusing the same general idea. Just started chapter three this morning where I get to write the evil uncle pov.

    Is it bad that often my favorite parts to write are from the creepy bad guy pov?

  3. Yeah, the creepy bad guy POV is easier for me to write. I was worried until you said this, that I was writing what I know, if you know what I mena.

    1. Heh. Yeah, I know what you mean.

      As long as we keep our creepy bad guy moments in writing only, we'll be okay. I think. Maybe.


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