Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Crazy Cometh

From my yard: Sunbathing squirrel
"Nothing to see here. I'm just a shingle.
Move along."
"What is that tapping sound?" asks Ms. Wildstar.

Nekar cocks his head and listens. "I'd call it more of a banging."

Blue checks his shiny new translator and jabs a tentacle upward. "I'm getting a distinct Kablam Kablam Kablam."

"I'm pretty sure that's not a word," says Nekar.

"It might be. You don't know them all," says Ms. Wildstar.

"I've been keeping an inventory of everything that's fallen down here since I arrived. I've yet to see that one."

Blue rubs his bulbous head. "Please don't imply that this translator is also malfunctioning."

Ms. Wildstar gasps. "No. It can't be." She shrieks. "Oh great word processor save us! She's dancing with that nano zombie--remember that cute boy? Tyler, I think his name was. Didn't one of you take care of him, Nekar?"

"I thought we did."

Blue accesses his database unit. "Did you burn it? According to your all-knowing wiki-"

"We don't get access to wiki down here. That's for She Who Taps The Keys. But hey, what else does the all-knowing wiki say?"

"Nothing." Blue hides his database unit behind his back. "I must remember to keep my advanced knowledge from the locals. It causes nothing but problems. Rule one, Blue. Must remember these things." He slinks away.

Nekar watches Blue leave and scratches his chin. "What is going on on up there?"

"I think She Who Taps The Keys has lost her mind."

"Are those bruises on her forehead?"

Ms. Wildstar peers through a pair of binoculars. "It sure looks like it."

"Where the hell did you get those?"

"I uhh...found them." Ms. Wildstar darts into the mountains of crumpled paper.

"Will someone please tell me what is going on around here?" Nekar yells.

A post-it note flutters to the ground at his feet. June. Camp NaNo.


  1. She who taps the keys is funny. Luckily, none of the neighbors can see me tapping away in my skivvies. But every once in a while, a derr wanders by and throws up.

  2. Silly deer. I've seen what they have under their hides. They've got no right to get squeemish around a mostly unclothed man. ;)

  3. lol. That's hilarious. Why do we writers torture ourselves so? You're braver than me though. I just can't get into any official NaNo-thingies.

    1. I'm fine with the November NaNo. I've never had a problem making 50k for that one, but June, OMG, is an insane time of year for me. Had a bunch of my wrimos not been participating, I would have happily passed on it, but being a ML and all, I feel I should be supportive and participate.

      At this point, I have no hopes of reaching 50k, but I'll be happy with each word I do find the time to write.


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