Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some Cyborg Weasel Fun

Immersed in editing mode as I am while A Broken Race works its way through its first round of critiquing, I've been staying busy with other little creative projects to get my 'make something new' fix. Sewing has been fun, but since spend most of my workday in front of a computer, sometimes its easier to sneak in some creative moments there.

So last night, I retired my two year old cyborg weasel cling and borged this little guy. Now he's armed and ready to stalk me during all those times I'm wandering around on the internet rather than writing.

I'd attempt to take some better close up pics of all the little details but the darn glossy finish made it very difficult to get even this pic to turn out half decent. Who came up with the idea of a glossy finish on a laptop anyway? Windex and paper towel manufacturers had to be in on it.

Thanks to Ian, I just had the realization that I have the file for this. Duh. How about I just crop some bits of it for close ups? *smacks forehead*


  1. Maybe I'm either old or stupid, but I'm having trouble making out what you've done here. It doesn't look like one of your usual sewing projects, it looks like you've drawn something up and stuck it onto your laptop case. It's a shame you can't give us a closer look.

    And what have you done with Rippy? Surely he's still lurking somewhere, I can't see him going quietly :)

    1. I make vinyl graphics for a living so it's a big sticker. :)

    2. Oho! A cyborg weasel sticker, how cunning! It all makes sense now, thanks for clarifying.


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