Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm not crazy, I'm just creative

As I was getting my day started (wandering the internet), I came across this article -- Scientific American: The Unleashed Mind: Why Creative People Are Eccentric -- and being a little eccentric myself, I had to go check it out. Whoa! How true! Not that I see my characters chasing me around (other than in my writing area), or have a germ free zone, and I do shower regularly, but on so many other accounts, a huge resounding yes!


  1. I was odd long before I started writing about handsome, studly ogres.

  2. There's a very thin line between genius and insanity. I read a New Scientist article recently that proposed a lot of "conditions" that we now label as mental illness were not only tolerated in earlier societies, but were a necessary part of human advances.

  3. @Mac - Thanks for stopping by, Mac! I was odd before I started writing. Then I created a poor halfbreed fairy troll and things sorta went downhill from there. ;)

    @Ian - I'll stick to the thin line so I get to shower and don't have to pay for psychological help.

  4. Can a creative person not be eccentric? Hmmmm. :)

    Merry Christmas, Jean!


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