Saturday, April 9, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Sahmara's Sunset 2

Last week I gave you the first lines of my first fantasy novel, Sahmara's Sunset. This week, we get a hint as to how Sahmara ended up in hands of the enemy.

The hall was tainted by the metallic tang of her father’s men being put to death by Altherian swords. True to his Ma’hasi training, Zane stood in front of her, his sword at the ready. At the other end of the hall, her mother screamed as soldiers pinned her to the ground. Her Father bellowed threats while two men held him back. A third held a knife to his throat.

They kept asking her father questions, but Sahmara couldn’t understand them.

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  1. That's a powerful scene! I can just see it. And hope she's all right!

  2. Talk about a traumatic experience! It sounds like another great story from you. :-)

  3. Powerful stuff--what a hellish thing for her to have to witness.

  4. She seems very calm and disconnected for all that chaos around her.

  5. That snippet sure got my attention

  6. Intense scene. Very nicely done.


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