Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh hallelujah!

The most wonderful news has just come to me (oddly enough in one of those tiny ads on the sidebar on facebook that grabbed my attention and whacked it over the head with a stick). George R.R. Martin's long awaited (five years in this case is long, trust me) book, A Dance with Dragons has an official release date of July 12, 2011! Really, there aren't enough exclamations points to express my excitement level right now. I've been waiting so long. Now, not only do we have the Game of Thrones coming to HBO this April, we have a new book to read!

This means I shall fling my TBR pile aside and dive back into the series to refresh myself in time for the new book's arrival. Goodbye work and family, I'll be back in a four thousand pages.


  1. I still haven't finished A Game of Thrones, but I enjoyed what I read. I look forward to getting back to it, but first I'm going to finish the Riftwar Saga from Raymond E. Feist.

    By the way, I have the other cover of A Game of Thrones. [sigh] You know, the REALLY plain gold cover. I'll be willing to pay for the entire series if I can get the cover style as in the picture.

  2. I'd just started The Difference Engine when I saw this announcement, so I'm going to attempt to finish that first. Attempt. Nothing like jumping from historical romance to steampunk to fantasy to keep the mind hopping. :)


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