Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Plot Bunny Attack

So I'm running errands yesterday, minding my own business as I drive along when I'm blindsided by a story idea. I wish I'd had my camera because it would make a great visual prompt. Well, and I wish I wasn't driving so I could have snapped a quick picture as I went by without crashing or pulling into a driveway, getting out and looking suspicious to other passersby.

Along a flat stretch of sidewalk lined with tall pines and elderly oaks lies a child's bike on its side. The nearby houses and yards are devoid of obvious signs of the bike's owner. The sidewalk is far enough off the road and its not near a driveway so I'm not concerned that its been hit by a car. But where is the child and what happened to make him or her leave their bike in the middle of the sidewalk? Hmmmmmmmm


  1. Great, now you've got me wanting to know. Hurry up and write it!

  2. HAhaha! I've done the same thing. I once thought of the premise of an entire story/novel from a conversation between two characters I'd just created in my mind. All from looking in the rearview mirror after leaving the optomitrist with one eye dilated. The inner workings of the creative mind amaze me sometimes. I raced home and typed out the conversation and plan to write the rest of that novel if I ever finish TMA. :S

  3. Wow, that has me wondering a ton of things!!! I've done that several times where I'm left with my imagination to fill out the rest of the info!

    Fabulous blog! I'm a new follower!

  4. Welcome Jen!

    Is the blog showing up off center for anyone else, or is it just me? If it is, I have no idea why it suddenly is funky. Grrr.

    I'm officially adding this prompt to my NaNo folder. :)


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