Friday, March 12, 2010

Creative leak

I did actually get some writing done today -- editing on my current short story and writing a couple pages of Trust's sequel. Yay for that. Yet, I've found myself with an excess of creative energy lately, and it's been bursting out all over.

My afternoon was spent coating my old dining room table in fleckstone to get rid of its outdated santa fe look that we purged from the rest of the house ten years ago. The leak really started two weeks ago when I decided I couldn't take our living/dining room anymore and it needed to face lift. Preferably, right now. That didn't happen, but I have been working away at it here and there, picking out paint for the walls, sewing slipcovers for the furniture, recovering pillows, laying out the area for the laminate flooring I want under the dining table, and painting said table.

Today, as I was innocently checking my blog reading list, I came across a post by Liana Brooks about doing a blog facelift, and darn it, there went three hours. Dinner was a couple hours late. I was too busy figuring out HTML and taking pics of my favorite fabrics from my huge stash for potential background images. Don't interupt me people. You know where the kitchen is if you decide you're starving and can't wait any longer.

So there you have it. Like the new look? Hate it? Suggestions?


  1. Hurrah for creative outlets! I'm coming to the conclusion that I am probably more "constructive" than truly "creative". I love designing and building things and that, too, comes out in many different ways. Great to hear that I'm not alone in mixing intellectual with more hands-on outlets.

    Not sure about the new look yet. Certainly striking and memorable, but quite hard on my poor and ageing eyes!

  2. I'm thinking a bluer colour, personally.

  3. Wow! Waves on a beach. Amazing effect. Thumbs up Jean.

  4. Oh I love it! Very soothing and yet, when you look closely, pretty sharp, too. Awesome, Jean! I love it.

    I wish I had the go-getting attitude you do...*sigh*...

    By the random, how come your blog has all MEN commenters? No, wait...don't tell me.

  5. I'm not male, is it safe to comment?

    I like the background a lot. If you don't want the bar off to the side, there are ways to fix this. I'm glad the blog posts helped though :o)

    *feels useful*

  6. @Liana - There shouldn't be a bar off to the side. What kind of bar are you seeing?

    @Scott - See, I have women commenters too. ;)

    @Botanist - Glad you like this better! The magenta/purple matched my hair better though. Guess that means I need to color my hair blue again. I'm all about the matching. heh.


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