Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh, oh! Cut me!

Way to make your MC totally unsympathetic #1: Have him kill a guy in a jealous fit of rage. I'm talking totally losing his temper and just obliterating the guy. Over the top? Pretty much.

Not to say Zsmed didn't earn is fate just a little. He was rather disrespectful and went heavy on the insults. Still, there's a point where an anti-hero can be too much anti to be a hero anymore.

Mr. MC has always had a hard time walking that line, which led to quite a few of the casualties glaring up at me from the floor. Thankfully, Zsmed isn't one of them. One of the glaring ones, I mean.

When I informed him that he was getting cut, he jumped up and hugged me.

"You mean I don't have to suffer a horribly painful death?"

I put my editing knife down. "Nope, you're free to go."

"Wait, does the mean I don't get to sleep with Ms. MC?"

"Sorry. If you want to live, I'd caution against it."

Zsmed sighed. "Fun as it was, I'd much rather live. Off I go then, thanks!"

He even took out a few of the more ambitious looking Barthromians for me. He spends most of his time flirting with young Ms. Wildstar, who has no idea what to do with the attention of a thirty-something alien pilot other than blush and giggle.

That more recently cut assassin is looking guiltier every day. He's up to something. If only Zsmed was more of a fighter than a lover, I'd put him on the task of taking the assassin out.

I wonder who else I could rely on…


  1. As long as Zsmed has his barrier of love, I'm sure he'll be fine. Love is invincible!


    Possibly not against assassins, though.

    Or cars.

    Or sheep with big, pointy teeth.

    But it's nice to have a little hope.

  2. Hehe I loved this post. The conversation between you and him was priceless. :D

  3. Ryan - sheep with big pointy teeth needs to go in a novel somewhere. Thats a great idea!

    Zella - I'm glad you think its priceless, when my husband walks in and catches me talking to no one, he thinks I'm nuts. ;)

  4. The Vicious Star Goat with slavering jaws a million miles wide. Something like that, from Life, the Universe, and Everything by Douglas Adams. ;)

    Love this post too!

  5. Thanks for following my blog! I'm soooo following yours, now.

    Funny post. It definitely makes the MC less likable. Although I did have the MC in one of my novellas kill the villain/non-villain (a ghost possessed him, but he was innocent) when the guy was defenseless, but I still like the MC (and I hope other people do, too).

  6. A villain is probably ok. I think that's generally accepted for the MC. Bummer for the guy the villain happened to be possessing at the time though.


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