Tuesday, October 5, 2021

The Calm Before November

October is, quite thankfully, turning out to be a quiet month on most fronts. I may have overbooked myself just sliiiiightly in all of 2021. Technically I overbooked myself for 2020 because 2019 went so well, but then most everything rolled over and weekends collided and more event opportunities became available that I hadn't signed up for yet. Partner that with my ambitious publishing schedule, being down with covid myself, caring for MIL, and my daughter's health issues...and well, it all got to a lot too much. So when two events cancelled this month, I was very okay with that. I've spent one quiet day working in my very weedy flower garden and another zoning out to Netflix. (currently wrapping up TURN: Washington's Spies after watching the last season of Lucifer after all of Arrow) No. I do no have a Netflix binge problem. I'm totally fine. 

Given that previous paragraph, it shouldn't be a huge shock to say that I'm officially bumping Seeker: Book 4 of The Narvan to a Spring release. I'm waiting for Minor Years to appear in my inbox tonight from the proofreader. That book, if my world doesn't fall apart, should be out at some point in November. 

If you've read Trust and would like a review e-book copy of Minor Years - which directly follows Trust and leads up to Chain of Grey), let me know in the comments below.  

My plans for October involve formatting Minor Years, relaxing, doing a quick outline for my upcoming NaNoWriMo project, relaxing, signing books at Fandom Fest in Benton Harbor MI, relaxing, and doing some more weeding in my garden. 

Why all the need for relaxing? I mean, on top of that first paragraph of ugh? November is NaNoWriMo year 16 for me and that means its time to churn out a super rough draft of new novel! And also, do book signings every weekend. Then there's that Thanksgiving thing, and only my daughter knows if she's sticking with college or moving back home and whatever that might bring. Woo boy. I'm exhausted just looking at this.

Will I book myself a little lighter next year? Yes. Will I not publish 5 books next year? Yes. Have I learned a little something here? Yep. Will I continue to spend too much time watching Netflix? Also, yeeessssss.

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Which brings us to this month's Insecure Writer's Support Group question: Where in your writing do you draw the line with topics or language?

If you've read my books, you undoubtedly know that language is a no line thing. I am no lady. I swear like a sailor as do most of my characters. Some far more than others, but yes, profanity abounds. 

Topics, however, are a different. I try to steer clear of  most controversial topics because I want readers to enjoy the story rather than listen to me preach my views. 

I did once write a suicide story. It was heartbreaking and written to help my cope with the loss of a cousin. Once it was complete, I read it and then deleted it. Not because it was horrible, but because it had fulfilled its purpose. To this day, that's the only story I've ever deleted. Everything else, even the cringe-worthy garbage, is gathering dust somewhere on a shelf or hard drive. I suppose, to answer the question, I draw the line at stories that are too personal or might hurt people I know no matter how fictionalized the content might be. 

Are you doing NaNo this year? Are you a fan of swearing or not?



  1. That's great that you're able to slow down a bit in October. We all need those quieter times. It's cool you're doing a signing in Benton Harbor. I grew up there. Good luck with all your plans in November.

  2. Best of luck in November! I better get to finishing Trust!

    1. Indeed. If you'd like a free review copy of Minor Years, just let me know. :)

  3. I don't know how you do so much and stay sane. Looking forward to Fandom Fest with you--my first book event this year. Yay! Good luck with NaNo. I admire everyone who participates.

  4. Regarding swearing, I think it depends on the character. I have a few who never swear, and a few who swear like sailors. Most fall somewhere in the middle I think it's just a matter of being true to each individual character. :-)

  5. Yes! I Am doing NaNo this year, and quite looking forward to it. Last year I tried, but just couldn't muster the energy, for a number of reasons.

    I have some things I will not write about for consumption, but there are times, like with the story you mentioned, I need to write those things to come to terms with them, or to get them out of my head

    1. Yay! Glad to know you'll be plowing through words with me. Or attempting to, at least. :)

      Writing does make for good therapy.

  6. I'm not a big fan of swearing unless it enhances the character and the story. Have too much on my plate to do NaNo this year as I try to complete a third in a western series.


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