Wednesday, September 2, 2020

IWSG: September Happenings


I'm excited and also nervous about finally getting to do a couple book signings this month. Not that I'm 

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necessarily living in fear of catching Covid, but more so because it's been seven months since I've been selling books in public. Will my pitches roll off my tongue like they did when I was chatting it up in public nearly every other weekend pre-plague or will I trip over every word?  Tune in this weekend to find out. 

Then I also have the hurdle of having two new books to sell that I haven't had any public practice with yet since they were both released during the plague season. Advance apologies to everyone I encounter this weekend that has to sit through me stumbling over words. 

Not to mention figuring out an optimal table display with seven books instead of five. I have a plan, but we'll see how it works in real life. I'm sure I'll point to and pick up the wrong books several times before it all clicks into place. 

If all goes well, I have three weekends of in-person events and one online. I'm really hoping all goes well. Crossing fingers and all that. 

So what have I been working on since last month? Updated print and ebook editions of Destiny Pills & Space Wizards, Sahmara, and The Last God are live. I'm working on A Broken Race right now and then I'll be back to edits on Book 3 of the Narvan.

Stay safe and healthy!


  1. I'm sure everything will settle into place quickly. Good luck!

  2. I hope your signings are a huge success.


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